18k gold plated copper chains

18k gold-plated copper chains are optically indistinguishable from gold chains. Through the applied gold layer shine the chains and also show no color differences to pure gold jewelry. In our shop you will find a variety of designs: simple chains, interspersed with small stones or pearls, as well as filigree chains with a striking pendant.

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18ct Gold Plated Copper Chains

Our 18ct gold plated copper chains are all combined with high quality materials , Thus, the chains have a very noble look and form a cheap alternative to gold-plated silver jewelry. Some chains have a very classic design with a simple chain and an elaborate golden bezel for a stone or glass crystal. The pendants are available in different colors and shapes, for example crystals as a semicircle or stones in a classic drop shape. Even extraordinary designs make 18k gold-plated copper chains a special eye-catcher. Since copper is very easy to process, filigree ornaments and intricate shapes are possible. Are you looking for modern chains, you can find in our shop larger double-layered 18k gold-plated copper chains with lots of crystal drops. The combination of golden shiny chains with leather straps also offers a great alternative. Many chains are also adjustable in length and have a lobster clasp. They combine wonderfully with the bracelets and earrings from the same category. If you are looking for fine chains with a unique design, choose 18ct gold plated copper chains.