18k gold plated copper ear jewelery

18k gold plated copper ear jewelery includes earrings, earrings and earrings in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. They are combined with materials such as pearls, mother of pearl, enamel, gemstones, glass crystal or resin. All have in common is the filigree design, as well as the gold-plated surface, which makes them shine and optically does not differ from pure gold jewelery.

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gold-plated ear jewelery

18 karat gold-plated copper ear jewelery is very well tolerated by the skin and available in our shop Designs is therefore something for everyone. The earrings are particularly impressive because of their filigree ornaments and borders for various stones and glass crystals. Combine the earrings with these colorful stones, for example, with chains or bracelets with the same stones or crystals, you can set wonderful color accents to monochrome or gray outfits. As early as 10,000 years ago, copper jewelry was used by the oldest known cultures, as it had been recognized how easy it is to work and shape. 18k gold-plated copper jewelry therefore looks in our shop often like a small piece of art and the earrings are worn even as the only piece of jewelry a real highlight. Since in fact no difference to real gold jewelry can be seen and the earrings are generally very high quality and noble designed, it is also good for festive occasions and can serve as an eye-catcher for updos, for example. If you still can not find any earrings in this category that suits your wishes, you can continue browsing in our category Silver Earrings. However, those who love the gold look will find what they are looking for in this department: 18k gold-plated copper ear jewelery