Belly piercing

Navel piercing variants are available in different styles, be it organic tribal, elegant and lady-like with shiva eye or else gaudy and colorful. The latter are not found in the Organic Piercing area, but in the normal piercing area. Almost all of our navel piercings are unisex wearable, meanwhile, this fashion is indeed arrived at the men. Especially suitable for this are the natural variants with wood, coral, turquoise stone and shiva eye with and without wood. Motifs like hearts or a border of faceted rhinestones like the Shiva eyes navel piercings are more of a feminine look and are meant for the ladies, whose navel piercing has always been very popular. Whether jogging, on the beach or in the disco, with a navel piercing you make a good figure everywhere.
Belly piercing with Shiva eye

Belly piercing with Shiva eye is a popular fashion. Of course, a...

Organic navel piercings

Organic navel piercings look very beautiful made of natural...


Organic piercing for the navel

In addition, you can also combine matching jewelry to this piercing, which you also find with us , For the Shiva eyes navel piercings we recommend earrings, pendants, rings and chains from the category Shiva eye under silver jewelery. For the Organic navel piercings we recommend the categories ear studs, wood jewelry, bracelets and necklaces, here you will find jewelery in organic tribal look, all these categories are under fashion jewelery. In the category here you will find navel piercing variations made of organic materials that look more natural. If you prefer gaudy colorful, neon-colored or patterned, we recommend the category fashionable navel piercings. There are also motifs such as skulls, hearts, smilies or rainbows. No matter what your personal taste is, we offer something for every style. In addition, piercing fans can also combine plugs and expanders made of wood, horn, bone and inlays of shiva eye, paua, shell, turquoise or coral, as we also carry them. Who loves piercing, but would like to keep his normal ear holes unstretched, which is also found in the Fake Piercings Organic models, also with coral, shiva eye or stone inlays. With us you make a real eye-catcher from your navel piercing.