Bracelets with shivaeye

Bracelets with shivaeye are elegant natural pieces of jewelery and combine precious silver jewelery with organic jewelery. A bracelet from our Shiva eye collection is the perfect complement to necklaces or ear plugs with shivaeye, or it makes your hand together with a Shiva eyes ring an absolute eye-catcher. Whether the beautiful shell alone with 925 sterling silver, or in combination with coral and turquoise, these Shiva bracelets are processed to high quality. Less playful, contrasting are the bracelets with rubber band or cotton in black. Shivaauge, the protective door of a shell, is known not only as the third eye of the Hindu Shiva, but also in South Africa as money of the mermaids and in Italy as the eye of St. Lucia. For us, the Shiva eye is a fascinating natural product from which we can design beautiful bracelets.

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Shiva eye bracelets are eye-catching but never cheesy, they are fashionable but do not follow any trend. These bracelets will never go out of style and are therefore timeless. So it is worth choosing bracelets with Shivaauge sterling silver, so you always enjoy it. Short polishing and possibly tarnished sterling silver will be like new and shiny again. Shiva bracelets with rubber or cotton tape, on the other hand, are a perfect match for our shiva eyes chains with cotton or for a silver pendant with a shiva eye on a rubber necklace, you will find everything in our shop. Bracelets with shivaeye and sterling silver can be wonderfully combined with our silver earrings or silver ear plugs with shivaeye, or the silver rings with shivaeye. Also a pendant with Shivaauge and silver chain or a Silberbauchnabelpiercing with Shivaauge fit very well. Also as a gift always a good decision: bracelets with Shivaauge.