Brass Brass Tribal Jewelry Set

Brass Brass Tribal jewelry set is made of brass which is very good and easy to handle. Already in the 3rd millennium BC Brass was used for the first time, but then fell into oblivion. Only with the Roman Empire was brass again interesting. Today, brass is not only used to make construction parts, fittings and pipes, but also designs art objects and brass brass tribal jewelry. Our Brass brass tribal jewelry set made of brass are nickel-free, and are therefore very skin-friendly, look golden and are high-quality processed.

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Brass Tribal Style Jewelry Sets

The design here is matched to each other in the individual parts, so that matching and fashionable sets at low prices. Whether necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants or rings, the brass jewelry is very popular with its golden, shiny color. In our online shop you will find more articles that are made of this material and often combined with other, such as with gemstones, pearls or cotton. Our Brass Brass Tribal jewelry set makes it easier for you to purchase matched pieces of jewelry without having to look for the right bangle for the chain. This saves time and is offered through our Brass Brass Tribal jewelry set at reasonable prices. This jewelry set is thus made of bangle and chain, which differ only in their size. Both are rounded, black, antique golden and become thicker towards the middle, also both are open at the back. This allows an adjustable size of the jewelry parts. By lightly pulling or pushing the bangle you can thus larger or smaller places, so that it fits everyone. Again very trendy and therefore a perfect gift idea: brass brass tribal jewelry set.