Brass brass tribal bracelets

Brass Messing Tribal Arschmuck is a great combination for real gold jewelry. The shiny golden Brass Brass Tribal Bracelets is partly oxidized dark and has different embellishments, as well as real gemstones. They are nickel-free and therefore very skin-friendly. Each bracelet we offer, whether bangle or bracelets, is adjustable so that they are suitable for each arm. The stones are available in different sizes and shapes, for example, the brass tires are combined with turquoise, onyx, carnelian, lapis, tiger eye and jade. We also offer wide or narrow hatched, ornate and decorated bracelets in antique gold. For every brass brass tribal bracelets you will find matching rings or the matching necklace.

Brass Bracelets Tribal Style

Very popular and new in the shop are the antique and multi-layered and nickel-free bracelets in Ibiza style. Here several different materials are combined. They show six layers of antique gold as well as colorful brass beads, and various braided patterns of cords and cotton combined with brass. The bracelets are lockable via a carabiner with ring. In our shop you will also find large, wide bracelets as Brass Brass Tribal bracelets with mosaic pattern of small gemstone splinters. Thanks to this, the arm jewelery looks creatively colorful and striking. However, you will also find narrow, delicate bracelets combined with gemstones in different colors and shapes. For every occasion you will find in our online shop the perfect bracelet, from antique golden oxidized arm jewelry to the fashionable Ibiza style design. For every size and type you will find the right brass brass tribal bracelets.