Brass brass tribal chains

Brass brass tribal chains can be found in different variations and designs. Our Brass Brass Tribal Chains are often combined with cotton and beads in bright colors and show special designs. They are high quality and made of brass. This brass jewelry is dadruch that he is nicklefrei, very skin-friendly. Many tribal brass models are eye-catching like a statement necklace and are an ideal match for our tribal earrings, brass bangles, brass pendants or brass stone rings. But here you will not only find eye-catching statement necklaces but also narrow and delicate necklaces in different sizes and colors.

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Tribal Style Brass Necklaces

Our Brass Brass Tribal chains feature antique gold, are lockable and most feature a lobster clasp and are ideal for our tribal pendants from the same category. By closing a carabiner, the length of the chain is variable. The Brass Brass Tribal Chains are also offered in combination with various gemstones. In our online shop you will find chains with turquoise, lapis, labradorite, moonstone as well as onyx, carnelian, tiger's eye and jade stones. The sizes and shapes of the stones vary. So you will find with us chains with mosaic pattern of small different gemstone splinters. These necklaces are especially colorful and eye-catching. A special design is also reflected in the chains, which are combined with cotton and beads combined with brass. The combination of different materials gives your necklace a special and unique look. They vary in size and appearance of chain links, as well as in length. Whether necklace, statement or narrow necklaces, colorful or plain, you will always find the right brass brass tribal necklace.