Brass earrings

Brass earrings and brass earrings are silver in this category, but cheaper than silver earrings and thus a perfect alternative to the expensive silver earrings. Brass is the English term for brass and is used more and more frequently for costume jewelery. Already in the 3rd millennium BC Chr. Brass was first produced and is nowadays very popular again. The straps are made of 925 sterling silver, so that a good compatibility with the skin is guaranteed. The silvery brass earrings are combined with different pearls from, for example, cat's eye, coral, glass crystals and howlite in summery colors. The very different designs usually contain a spiral shaped part and in the middle a stone or coral. The earrings are also available in red and Asian style with small lanterns or fish.

Costume Jewelery Brass Earrings

The brass earrings are available in a simple color with multicolored pearls reminiscent of the time of the Indians. Here, colors like turquoise, red and brown come into play. In our Chic-Net Online Shop you will also receive silver hoops in a variety of sizes and colors, for example from 25 mm to 43 mm. The pearls from which the earrings are made, are smooth but often faceted, so shine beautifully when exposed to light. The Brass earrings can be optimally combined with other products of the Chic-Net online shop, such as the Brass Arnschmuck or even wooden jewelry. The brass earrings are all high quality and clean processed and created by the finest handwork and not from the band. Stop by the category of brass earrings.