Brass jewelry sets

Brass jewelry sets are composed of earrings and a matching pendant and make a great sight. The nickel-free brass jewelry sets are available in different shapes and are perfect for every occasion. Brass jewelry is understood to be jewelry that is made of brass and is very skin-friendly for humans.

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Brass Jewelry Sets

The basic color is made of antique shimmering gold. Some pieces of jewelry in the Brass jewelry set are partially oxidized dark, so that the optically antique effect is enhanced. Our brass jewelry sets combine different materials and colors. Thus, you will often find golden shimmering earrings and the matching pendant for a necklace in combination with silver in our online shop. You will also find earrings and pendants with small glittering stones. Brass brass tribal jewelry ranges from light to red yellow gold, making it an ideal alternative to gold-plated jewelery. The jewelry sets are optimally equipped and save time, the right jewelry to pick out. We also offer you low prices for a set. However, if you still need a bangle or the matching ring, you will also find here a large selection of brass brass jewelry in our online shop. Brass jewelry is made of brass that can be processed well and high quality. Already in the 3rd millennium BC Chr. Brass was first produced, but then quickly fell into oblivion. Only with the Roman Empire was brass again interesting. Today brass is not only used to make construction parts, fittings and pipes, but also designs art objects and brass jewelry sets.