Brass nose rings and fake septums

Brass nose rings and fake septums are made of brass, either silver or antique golden shiny, sometimes the piercing jewelry are also partially dark oxidized. In addition, our brass nose rings and fake septums are sometimes combined with real stones such as turquoise, garnet, agate, malachite or onyx. These gems bring color into the game and complement the shiny nose jewelry perfectly. For those who like it more discreet, we also have monochrome and simpler brass nose rings and fake septums. Of course it gets more contrast with colored stones or the dark oxidation. Also in terms of thickness, we offer different sizes, with us you get brass septums in 1 mm thickness, as well as in 2 mm or 1.6 mm thickness. Depending on the size of your piercing hole, you can choose the right septum. Of course, this does not matter with the Fake Nose Rings, they do not have to fit through any Piercingloch, they are simply attached with the two brass balls at their ends in the nose. So we make it possible for anyone to wear piercing jewelry, even if you do not want to make a hole for it.
Fake septum brass nose rings

Brass fake septum nose rings are the fake version of the septum...

Brass septum nose rings

Brass septum nose rings are available in golden or silver, partly...

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Septum Brass Jewelry and Fake Brass Nose Rings

Brass Nose Rings and Fake Septums give your styling an exotic, oriental or tribal touch, depending on the subject. The brass septums and fakes are worn unisex, ie by men and women. This is also noticeable in our motifs, so we offer various skull motifs and black stones, as well as female playful bird and rose motifs, as well as stones in pink. Many motifs are suitable for men and women. Our Brass Brass Tribal Jewelry category is perfect for combining, here you will find matching rings, bracelets, bracelets, necklaces and pendants, as well as earrings. At the Organic Piercings there are also plugs and tunnels made of brass. These perfectly complement a jewelery set with brass nose rings and fake septums.