Brass stud earrings

Brass ear studs are made of brass, which can be processed to high quality jewelry and is particularly suitable for the home. The basic color of the brass ear studs is shimmering golden and are sometimes partially oxidized dark. Brass brass jewelry is also available from light to red yellow gold, making it an ideal alternative to gold or real gold jewelry. The brass stud earrings look antique and slightly matt due to the brass, but they are also available in the colors gold or silver. This earrings has its own charm. In addition, the brass ear studs are available in a size that does not apply, but quite noticeable, so it is just right for everyday life. The brass ear studs can be found in our online shop in a variety of colors and shapes and with a variety of designs.

Stud earrings made of brass

Due to the transparent cover, the motifs come into their own. In terms of designs, we offer a huge selection, whether animal design, flags, watches, current symbols and logos or stars, here you are guaranteed to find the right piece of jewelry. We not only offer earrings with different designs but also with stones or glass crystals. Here you will find crystals in the colors green, black, white, red, purple and blue. There is not only a large selection of different colors and designs but also in different Fromen, whether round, oval, square or in the form of a mustache or starfish, here you will find what you are looking for. Of course, the earrings are nickel free. Colorful brass stud earrings with enamel or rubber coating and in neon colors complete the assortment of brass stud earrings.