Chains made of bone

Chains made of bone are not only ideal for women but are a great alternative for men. The chains are made of bone and consist of patterned beads, as well as a bone pendant in the form of a tooth. Of course, these jewels, which we carry in different colors, are also unisex wearable. They are closed by a button closure.

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Organic Bone Necklaces

In the past, Maori culture has mostly used whale bones to make their jewelry. Nowadays carving made of whale bones is mainly used to preserve tradition. He is carved and polished by hand. All pendants and necklaces are delivered on a black textile strap. For the open market, bovine bone is used to make this jewelry, as it is easier to process than whisker bones due to its nature and, of course, is more common. In addition, the whale bones in Europe is subject to the marketing ban. Depending on the design or in combination with other elements, the chains made of bone describe different symbolic meanings. The bone jewelry gives a very pleasant sense of sensation when touched. This initially white jewelery, with its natural purity, is permeated with the finest lines and pores when looking closely at its surface. The property of the bone with its pleasant warmth will give the owner a pleasant feeling on the skin. The oils and fats of the skin merge with this natural material and let the piece of jewelery appear in a slightly honey golden shade when worn for extended periods. The Maori believe that the spirituality and the nature of the wearer have been transferred to the pendant. The carrier and its bone pendant are thus fused into a single entity. These chains from Bone are also very reminiscent of the time of the Indians and Cowboys.Who looking for high-quality, nickel-free necklaces for the summer, which will certainly find something here in the chains made of bone.