Chains of pearls

Chains of pearls can be found in various colors and designs. The beads are mounted on nickel-free wire or a rubber strap. In length, the chains are usually adjustable, but are particularly suitable for tops with a smaller neckline. The chains are all closed with a carabiner.

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Necklaces with pearls

Since cultured pearls are natural products, no one looks exactly the same and the shapes range from round to oval. No pearl resembles the other but is individual in your shapes. But that's exactly what makes the chains of pearls so charming. Due to their diversity in shape, color and size, freshwater pearls are very popular. There are sizes from 2 to 8 mm, but the average of the beads is 4 to 5 mm. Freshwater pearls with a size of more than 10 mm are considered absolutely rare. Since the 13th century, these pearls are bred. For breeding a shell can be equipped with 20 to 60 pieces. If about one and a half years have passed, the cultured pearl is about 3 mm in size. After three years, 7 mm can already be achieved. Beads larger than 7 mm will only be used if they have been serviced for longer than four years. The following colors may appear: white, cream, champagne, pink, purple, light purple, dark brown and brown. Absolutely rare are perfectly round, and big pearls. To the chains of pearls you will find more jewelry in our online shop with which the necklaces can be perfectly combined. For example, take a look at the silver rings category, where you will find rings that are also beaded, or our organic jewelry. Do you want a piece of jewelry that is classically egelant and playful, then buy chains of pearls.