Chains of pearls & shells

Chains of pearls & shells are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes and design options. They are usually a combination of pearls and mother-of-pearl, with the mother-of-pearl shell occurring as platelets, rings and splinters. Also multi-ply mother of pearl chains and painted mother of pearl tiles in floral or zebra design are available. The multi-layered chains of pearls & shells are like a necklace because they are large and eye-catching and thus adorn the whole Dekoltee. The chains of pearls & shells are more suitable for tops with neckline as the chains are not very long. Most of the shell chains are adjustable in size. All are nickel free and therefore skin friendly.

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Necklaces with pearls and shells

The typical feature of the shells is the case which consists of two calcareous shells. These pearls are found all over the world in fresh, salt and brackish water. While some do not have to search deeply or find the shells directly on the beach, others can hide in depths of up to 11,000 meters water depth. When the animal then grows, the housing is spirally widened towards the outside. The result is beautiful little houses, where you can determine the species and what is very important to us: you can make beautiful and unique jewelry. We humans use shells not only for food but also for jewelery making. In our online shop you will find a colorful variety of shell jewelery. The chains of pearls and shells combine perfectly with other products that use the same materials. A great natural product for the individual wearer can be found here in the chains of pearls & shells.