Coconut Earrings

Coconut ear plugs are a real eye-catcher. Under the rough, hairy surface of the ripe fruit hides a dark, unique material - the coconut shell differs depending on the origin in size, shape and color and can be versatile. The coconut is a very special wonder. Their shell is a material of fascinating diversity and beauty. This results in unique handmade pieces of jewelry. The fine grinding, polishing and oiling brings their natural fiber to light. The incorporation of gold leaf, precious stones or metals creates an extraordinary character. The designs and patterns are usually intuitive - some of them are based on forms from nature or speak symbolism. The coconut shell is extremely robust and resistant - the polishing and oiling closes their small pores - the coconut ear plugs are thus resistant to water and remain beautiful for years. Natural jewelry such as the coconut ear plugs have a special grain.

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Coconut Jewelry

The Organic wooden ear plugs are available in many different designs and sizes, they all have in common a skin-friendly 925 sterling silver pin. Coconut ear plugs are round, oval, triangular, square, as well as for example in the forms pyramid, star and heart to acquire. In addition to various patterns, they are also available in different colors and with a variety of gemstones such as turquoise, malachite, paua shell, abalone, mother of pearl, agate, howlite and Shivaauge. The coconut ear plugs are also perfect for other Chic-net products that we offer in our online shop, such as wooden rings or wooden chains. Anyone who is a friend of organic jewelry and likes the natural grain of different materials will find the right one for the coconut ear plug.