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Colorful, fashionable stud earrings are available in many different shapes and variations in our shop now. As the name implies: in this category it is colorful and sparkling. It includes both glittering glass crystal ear studs, as well as round glass ear plugs with colorful motifs such as lettering, flowers, stars, flowers or peace signs, as well as brass roses in different colors, or other motifs like a Gekko made of black resin or green colored silver plates. The pins of the earrings are all made of 925 sterling silver and so easily portable.
Glass crystal stud earrings

Glass Crystal Ear Studs refers to high quality colorless glass...

Glass ear plug with motif

Glass ear studs with motif are particularly popular because...

fashionable stud earrings

Trendy stud earrings are available at chic-net in a variety of...

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Colorful stud earrings

In our online shop you will find colorful, fashionable stud earrings with different diameters. If you want it strikingly large, then we propose you colorful, fashionable stud earrings with a diameter of 6 mm. Do you prefer to find it smaller and daintier for everyday life, you ear studs with a diameter of 3 or 4 mm in our shop. The glass crystal earrings are available in a variety of shapes such as round, oval or heart-star or flower-shaped, faceted or smooth. In the glass ear plugs the most diverse motives are to be found. These are not only suitable for women and are often worn by men. You will also find colorful, fashionable stud earrings Fitting with our silicone bracelets. These unisex stud earrings are now also available as a colorful silicone ear stud in bright colors. The barbed design makes the earrings very lively, but is pleasantly soft to wear. The colors of the stud earrings in this category range from gaudy to subtle and neon, sparkling or dull. So there is something suitable for every type of person. Who loves it colorful, will surely find colorful, fashionable stud earrings here.