Copper earrings

Copper earrings give the earrings a rich golden hue, which is sometimes a bit darker and has an antique effect due to the dark oxidation. In combination with colorful motifs, mother-of-pearl, coral, pearls of different colors and stones, unique pieces of jewelry are created in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Most copper earrings of this category are designed to attract attention. Even brass ear jewelery can be found here when it looks coppery in color. In our Chic-net Online Shop you will find oval or round as well as elongated earrings with pearls, but also symbols as copper earrings such as the tree of life. Not only icons are available as earrings, but also owls and cats.

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Jewelery Earrings made of copper

If one thinks of materials for jewelery making, one certainly does not think of copper. It is a material that is used for many other purposes and has a subordinate role in the world of jewelry. The color is also very reminiscent of pink gold, which finds much more use in processing than copper. Copper is a metal that was cultivated by humans 10,000 years ago, worn as an ornament and used as a therapeutic. Since ancient times, cultures around the world have believed in a beneficial effect on the immune system. Above all, copper was and is an excellent material for jewelry designers. Incidentally, its bright red color is due to the fact that it starts to breathe in the air and then this reddish-brown color develops. If copper is not further processed, it can change its color over the years, so that it can eventually become blue or green. Unfortunately, the gloss is lost as well. This is why it is particularly important in jewelery making to process copper so that it retains its color and shine. Stop by in the category of copper earrings.