Coral earrings

Coral Ear Stud is made of a material that is a real natural treasure. The coral is cleaned to jewelry before being processed, partially polished and then sanded into the appropriate shape. Due to its size and relatively low weight, it is popular everywhere in the jewelery industry, where a lot of color and volume is demanded at low prices. Coral is often referred to as an "organic gemstone". Corals are pretty soft gemstones with a Mohs hardness of only 3-4. Too much heat, acids and hot cleansing baths can hurt them, and they can fade by wearing. Thus, coral ear plugs are emfpindliche but extremely beautiful and rare jewelry. Coral was processed in the early history of the Sumerians, the Assyrians and the Phoenicians to jewelry. Coral ear plugs, we can offer you in the most unterschierdlichsten forms. Whether round, oval or angular, there should be something for every taste!

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Coral jewelery

With us you get high quality processed coral ear plugs in different shapes and sizes, also proven the combination with 925 sterling silver. This category offers a large range of coral silver earrings in the color red. However, in our shop you will also find blue or black colored coral earrings. For reasons of nature conservation and in order not to endanger the coral stock, the naturally white colored Bambookoralle or the foam coral for the jewelry is dyed red. You can therefore wear our jewelry with a clear conscience. In addition to the earrings you will also find the matching chain pendant made of coral, which can be perfectly combined. If you are looking for an extraordinary piece of jewelery then you will find exactly the right one here: Coral ear plug!