Coral pendant

Coral pendants are used for a long time as jewelry. Our coral silver pendants are made of 925 sterling silver and are an ideal match for our coral earrings. The coral, which has been sought after for jewelry since antiquity, can be found in the trailers in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Because of this category, you have the opportunity to adorn yourself with the beauty of the sea. The grain and color of each pendant vary, as corals are natural organisms. The red is created by the coloration of white coral species that are not threatened, in contrast to the natural red variety that we want to protect in this way. In the neighboring categories are also blue-colored and black-colored models of coral pendants. You can wear them, for example, on a black rubber chain or a stainless steel choker chain from the fashion jewelry area chains, or on a silver chain from the field of silver jewelry.

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For many coral pendants there are matching motifs as coral earrings, coral ear plugs or silver rings with coral. If you prefer a coral necklace instead of a pendant, you will find a few models with coral splinters under the chains of pearls & stones. Particularly popular with the coral pendants is the model with the silver sun, while the coral pendant with the gingko leaves is suitable for lovers. This, together with the gingko earrings, also makes an ideal gift for Valentine's Day for the beloved partner. Incidentally, we also use this motive with shimmering mother-of-pearl instead of red-grained coral. Of course, if you find the color red for your love more suitable, choose our Gingko coral pendant.