Expander / stretching rod piercings and spikes

Expander / Dehnstab Piercings and spikes are pieces of jewelry and Dehner in one. A spike ends narrow, but is long and is pushed through the ear hole. Spikes are also called expanders or expander rods, because they make it easy to enlarge the ear hole by simply starting further back and then pushing the expander / extension rod piercings and spikes further forward, where they become wider. In addition, they are of course also available in different sizes and interesting patterns to order from us.

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Fashionable Expander Spike Stretching Rods

Especially with even smaller earholes, expander / extension bar piercings and spikes are more eye-catching than small plugs and tunnels. A sturdy grip is guaranteed by two rubber rings, which are fastened in front of and behind the ear. So the expansion bar can not slip so easily. As a design, the animal print is very popular with us, whether in zebra or leopard look, as offers different things. Also Expander / Stretch Wand Piercings and spikes in neon colors or with stars or skulls are well received. If you prefer glittering, you will also find expander with faceted glass crystals that break the light and sparkle so wonderfully. Acrylic Expander have a smooth surface and the advantage is that there are many possibilities in the patterns, which are simply not possible with hand-painted or hand-carved. From the front, a spike looks like a plug. Seen from the side, it looks more like a tapered rod that sticks in the ear. Both have their charm. Once you have reached a size, you can also order your favorite expander in a larger size and continue. Our plugs and tunnels or spirals and other expanders, which you will find in us from stainless steel, sterling silver, acrylic, as well as wood, horn, bone, bronze and brass, then fit into these gently stretched ear-holes. Just look in the categories of Organic Piercing. Colorful patterned and comfortable to wear can be found here at the expander / expansion bar piercings and spikes.