Fake expander and expansion rods, as well as spikes

Fake expanders and stretchers, as well as spikes are an ideal way to wear the popular piercings and not have to stretch his ear holes. There are many reasons for this, be it the fear of pain or the lack of permission from parents or employers. Or simply that you do not want to wear big holes in your ears forever. Also the possibility to continue to wear normal earrings, ear studs and earrings remains, if one decides instead of real expansion rods for fake expander and stretch rods, as well as spikes.

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Fashionable fake expander and spike expansion rods

Nevertheless one has with fake expander and stretch rods, as well as spikes the opportunity to look like you just stretch his ear holes and wear this to real stretch rods or spikes. Our Fake Expander and Dehnstäbe, as well as spikes are available in different thicknesses, depending on which effect you want to achieve and how conspicuous it should be or may. The Fake Piercings carry stainless steel screws in the thickness of 1 mm, these fit easily through normal ear holes and are also tolerated by the surgeon's steel. From the outside, the stirrups are not visible because the front and back of the spike from both sides closely cling to the ear. Pretty much anything is possible with patterns and designs: gradients, checkerboard patterns, Leo animal design, hearts and stars. But also symbols like the biohazard sign or the yin and yang from the feng shui are represented. There is a huge choice of colors. If you like spikes and stretch rods more natural, you should take a look at the organic piercings (expander, spirals) under Organic Piercing, here you will also find spikes made of wood, horn or bone. Anyone who likes it gaudy will stick to fake expanders and stretchers, as well as spikes.