Fantasy in stone & pearls

Fantasy in stones and pearls show artfully knotted earrings, mostly made of silk thread, which are made up of beads, stones and stone fragments in a variety of colors and shapes. Zirconia, glass and coral can also be found in the beautifully coordinated bundles, which dangle imaginatively from the ear as stone and pearl earrings. These fantasy earrings can be found exclusively with us. The jewelry range is just as diverse as the name of the category. You will find here a large selection of jewelry created by Fantasy in stones & pearls. What do you think about when you let your imagination run wild? And then think about what can happen when experienced designers let their imagination run wild. Unrestrained and unbridled, you can give your thoughts free rein, wonderful and unique pieces of jewelry come to life, which you can buy from us in the Chic-Net Online Shop.

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Fantasy Earrings with Stones & Pearls

The earrings of our category Fantasy in Stones & Pearls consists of a variety of different materials. It also happens, for example, that stone chips are combined with pearls or gemstones with cubic zirconia to create a unique piece of jewelry. The earrings made of fantasy in stones and pearls are colorful and creatively designed. All the colors you imagine are processed into a piece of jewelery here. Each one is unique and certainly attracts attention. You are welcome to combine the colorful earrings with other pieces of jewelery in our Chic-Net online shop, such as silver jewelery or necklaces and bracelets made of similar materials. You will find these elegant earrings only here in our category Fantasy in stones & pearls.