Feather earrings

Spring earrings are light and comfortable to wear, and are reminiscent of Indian jewelry with their leather straps and pearls. With us you get spring earrings in bright summer colors, with different patterned feathers and different designs. The feather-light fashion jewelry earrings carry stainless steel straps and are so well tolerated by the skin. Stainless steel is also better known under the term "Churirgenstahl" which is also very often used for piercings. The temples of Ohrrhänger the usual size of an ear hole which are about 1 mm to 1.2 mm wide. The feather earrings are available in different colors such as green, brown, blue, red, pink, turquoise, black, yellow, white and purple. The spring earrings are about 80 mm to 85 mm long and feather-light, therefore very comfortable to wear. Here you will find a wide selection of feather and feather earrings from casual to elegant, which give your style that certain something.

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Fashion Earrings Earrings made of feathers

Let yourself be inspired and find the perfect feather accessory to match your favorite outfit. In ancient times, feathers were often attached to helmets as jewelry. Even Indians already used springs for their huge headdress and also as earrings. Especially with the combination of beads and small leather straps, this reminds of the adventurous and exciting time of the Indians. Today you wear the feather earrings not only to carnival but also in everyday life to other jewelry in combination. Striking are the colorful feather earrings with many different colors. One not quite as striking appearance give you monochrome or black white feather earrings. All featured earrings can be found in Chic-Net Online Shop in the category feather earrings.