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Glass beads earrings are available with stainless steel or sterling silver pin, these earrings are nickel free and therefore portable for everyone. Here we offer various glass beads earrings, there are cut, shiny, glittering and hand-painted variants. All in different sizes and colorful colors. Whether turned, matted or combined with stone splinters, mother of pearl or pearls, our glass bead earrings range offers free choice. Glass beads are usually wrapped. The glass bead is one of the oldest jewels of humanity. In addition to the simple prehistoric specimens of glass beads, there is a very wide and diverse range of glass beads since the early history of humans. Likewise, glass beads were formerly used as a means of payment and exchange because glass beads are very popular and also easy to transport. Chains made of glass beads are therefore colorful and fit every occasion.
925 silver with glass beads

925 silver with glass beads means that the earrings have a temple...

Stainless steel with glass beads

Stainless steel with glass beads as a subcategory includes our...

Handpainted glass

Handpainted glass is definitely a highlight. You like to fall?...

Fashion Jewelry Earrings with Glass Beads

These glass beads are available in different variants. Once in combination with stainless steel. This material is particularly skin-friendly and is also known by the term surgical steel, are made from the piercings. 925 sterling silver is just as skin-friendly but also a different metal as the stainless steel. Sterling Silver is an alloy of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. The fineness is thus 925/1000. In another category you will find hand-painted glass beads that were made into earrings. These are very unique. The glass beads earrings are available in different shapes such as oval, rectangular, square, diamond-shaped or in heart shape and in different colors, whether multicolored or plain, with or without pattern. Here you will find: Glass beads earrings.