Glass crystal changing jewelry

Glass crystal change jewelry is something special: You can change the look of your accessories every day with a pair of earrings or stud earrings in the colors silver, gold or rose gold, or with a ring in these colors. Because the pieces of jewelery are delivered with white glass crystals, faceted and cut like a diamond. However, you can choose to buy other glass crystals in various colors. Rings and earrings can be opened via a screw cap and the crystals can be exchanged easily and conveniently. Also as a set we offer the extraordinary pieces. Glaskristall Wechsel Schmuck therefore offers you numerous possibilities to create your own jewelry and even to change your mood, without having to buy new earrings, rings or stud earrings. The only thing you can buy are the colorful glass crystals, which break the light with their faceting and give great glitter effects. These are available in current fashion colors such as gold, turquoise blue, purple, red, green, orange, black and pink.

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For earrings you need two stones, for one ring one is enough, furthermore we offer these at very reasonable prices. Glass crystal change jewelry can also be extended very well, if someone already owns pieces of it, are new stones or studs matching the ring also great gift ideas. Our jewelery pieces are made of surgical steel and are therefore very skin-friendly, but they are dyed in the fashionable shades of rose gold, gold and silver. Since they are not visually different from the real precious metals, you can wear them as fine jewelry on special occasions. If you are looking for versatile jewelry, it is best to choose glass crystal jewelry change.