Wooden tags can also be found in our online shop. Due to its naturally very special and unique coloring and grain wood is very suitable for jewelry. The different types of wood create unique pieces of jewelry, our wooden pendants are a good example of this. They are available in very different shapes, but all are set in 925 sterling silver and look great on a silver chain. If you like the combination of natural material and high quality, you should take a look at our wooden trailer assortment.

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Jewelery made of wood

None of the used wood of our wooden pendants is forbidden or protected. We make sure that our wooden jewelry and in particular our wooden trailer production has no negative impact on the environment and ecological sustainability. All wood from our wooden jewelry production is sourced from licensed suppliers. Our specialty is the processing and refining of a natural raw material, be it coconut wood or sono wood, where we attach great importance to environmental sustainability and the effective and environmentally friendly use of these resources. The wooden pendants in our Chic-Net Online Shop are natural so that the fibrillation and patterning of the natural product comes into its own. You can choose between several shapes. In the offer are for example round, oval or rectangular trailers. These can be combined perfectly with one of our silver chains or even with a rubber necklace. Naturfreaks but also costume jewelery fanatics will get their money's worth with our wooden pendants. The fact that these pieces of jewelry are natural products, no one resembles the other, and each is a little unique in itself. What nature offers is so close and so beautiful as our wooden trailers.