Wooden earrings are colorful or natural, so everyone will find the right earrings for themselves. A wide variety of our wooden earrings, there are colorful, hand-carved, filigree variants, as well as in various colors handpainted earrings with stainless steel handle, in addition to hand-carved tribal earrings in various forms, as well as our wooden pendants silver matching earrings. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors and designs. The combination with Bone is also very popular as a wooden earring. The temple of the wooden earrings are made of surgical steel, which is also very popular with the piercing manufacturers due to its skin compatibility. The brackets are the size of a normal ear hole with about 1 mm to 1.2 mm.

Fashion Jewelry Wooden Earrings

The variety of wooden earrings knows no bounds. Here you will find hand carved or punched earrings from Indonesia or handpainted earrings. Some are decorated with small beads, others are natural. In our Chic-Net Online Shop you will find round wooden tiles with large flower patterns that are very colorful, but also elongated oval natural-colored earrings with their natural grain. As these are natural products, there may be slight differences in quality and color between the pieces. But this is what makes our jewelry so charming, because they are not machine-made in which one is the same as the other. Rather, every processed natural product is a small one-of-a-kind. The wooden earrings are safe to buy because all materials used are subject to environmental sustainability, which is very important to us. Effective use and careful use of natural resources are a matter of course for us. Everyone will find their matching wooden earrings here.