Wooden rings captivate with their size and eye-catching hand-painted designs. Chic-Net's range of wooden rings includes a wide range of shapes, colors and sizes. Whether monochrome hand-painted in bright colors, or artfully decorated with flowers and other patterns, here are many alternatives. The shapes feature hemispherical or flat rings with wide or slender edges. Also in 925 sterling silver set wood rings can be found here, these can be perfectly combined with our wooden pendants and wooden earrings.

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Fashion jewelery rings made of wood

The wooden rings in our assortment are made of sono wood. Sono wood is a subspecies of ebony and comes from Indonesia. It is characterized by a hard, smooth surface and by the beautiful grain. This is not a protected species of wood, neither in Indonesia nor on the list of endangered species in the world. This wood has been used for jewelry and carving for many years. Sono is a fast-growing tree, which clearly differentiates it from other tropical tree species, such as the well-known ebony or mahogany, which all have a very slow growth, and is a positive advantage of this tree. All the wood from our wooden jewelry and especially wooden rings production is supplied by licensed suppliers. Our specialty is the processing and refining of a natural resource such as Sonoholz, where we attach great importance to environmental sustainability and the effective and environmentally friendly use of these resources. The hand-painted wooden rings from Indonesia are very colorful. The large floral patterns attract all viewers into a spell. Our wooden rings are available in our Chic-Net Online Shop in many different sizes, starting at a ring size of 50 bsi to 64. So everyone should find the matching ring. Natural products with colorful patterns can be found here in the category of wooden rings.