Jewelry sets

Jewelery sets are the solution if you are tired of long searches for matching pieces of jewelry. We offer beautiful, high-quality jewelery sets at fair prices. Alternatively, a jewelery set can of course be given away as well. Our sets consist of either a necklace and a matching pair of earrings or a necklace with a matching bracelet. From Murano glass, to twisted glass beads, to mother of pearl and pearls, everything is represented, all have in common that they are nickel-free and skin-friendly to wear.

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Jewelery sets made of beads and Murano glass

The special and especially with the glass beads and the Murano glass is the loving and detailed love processing of the patterns on the pieces of jewelery. All drawings and motifs are handpainted. Each chain is thus a kind of unique, because the chains are not made by machine. The chains are made of cotton and are adjustable in length. However, these chains are more suitable for small cutouts, since they fit tightly around the neck. The matching bracelets are also adjustable in length so it should not be a problem to miss the fit. Our jewelry sets stand for elegance and lightness. Although they are colorful and available in many different colors, however, these chains that you can purchase as a jewelry set are all single-layered and dainty. Here you will find colors such as red, blue, purple, green, pink and brown. We have monochrome chains on offer but also colorful ones. Especially the Murano glass chains and bracelets are characterized by colorful patterns on the individual glass beads. The flower patterns are especially suitable for warm spring nights or long summer days. Thus, you always catch the eye with our jewelry sets.