Murano Glass Bracelets

Murano glass bracelets are one-colored or colorful bracelets with different shaped Murano glass beads. Whether large round or square tiles with flower pattern or glass beads in the heart design, here you have a large selection. All models are well tolerated by the skin and therefore pleasant to wear. The famous glass beads from Murano, northeast of Venice, represent real glassblowing works of art and are as varied as they are unique.

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Bracelets with Murano glass beads

The technique used to make the Murano glass is only mastered by Murano glass manufacturers. Therefore, in the 15th century, they even had limited freedom of travel to protect the mystery. In the 1950s, the glassblowing art from Murano reached a new climax. Since then Murano glass is considered a coveted collector's item. The colors and filigree patterns in the glass beads are especially beautiful for jewelery making. Our chic Murano glass bracelets are guaranteed to be the right adornment for your wrist. All are fitted with a lobster clasp and almost all are adjustable in size. So, even if you are looking for a gift for one of your loved ones, you can be sure that you will find something suitable and extraordinary here. Under our Murano glass borders are a variety of designs, colors and shapes - how about, for example, decorated with a bracelet made of light blue glass beads with colorful flowers to make her outfit shine ?! Or rather one of the Murano glass bracelets with sparkling pearls to achieve a noble and elegant look. Since the glass beads are connected with very filigree, silver-colored wire, the bracelets are not too big or heavy jewelry and can also be worn in everyday life. Just look for a matching Murano glass necklace to one of their new Murano glass bracelets.