Murano glass chains

Murano glass necklaces are unique in their design. In this category of our online shop, you will find a large and, above all, colorful selection. Whether it should be round, square or heart-shaped beads, here you will find them with colorful flowers and patterns in all variations. Due to their high-quality materials, the pieces of jewelry are very well tolerated by the skin, so there is something for every type.

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Murano glass necklaces

Murano glass necklaces are the epitome of glassblowing. Since time immemorial, the coveted pearls and jewelry are made on the archipelago. They have many different forms, but they all have in common that they are decorated with individual and unique patterns. The colors of the glass beads have incredible luminosity and give every outfit that certain something. The beads of the Murano glass chains are connected with jewelery wire, which is very fine and has a bright, silver color, which makes it hardly noticeable. Many of the necklaces are in the form of a necklace, but there are also multi-layered necklaces or large Murano glass hearts as a highlight of a special necklace to discover. Since the glass looks very classy and filigree you can also wear the chains to chic outfits, for example, a chain with small, monochrome glass beads. If you're looking for more playful, fun accessories that might give your outfit a summery feel, then you can grab one of the brightly colored chains of brightly colored flowers on each glass bead. Just browse through our wide selection, and to round off your look you may even find the matching Murano glass bracelet to your new Murano glass.