Murano glass earrings

Murano glass earrings are each made of 925 sterling silver hangers on which hang beads from the famous Murano glass. The materials are skin-friendly and therefore easy to wear. Versatile, colorful and genuine glassblowing art, these are our Murano glass earrings. Here you will find earrings in different colors, patterns and shapes: drops, cubes, slices, balls, rectangles, squares, hearts and earrings made of several beads - there is something for every occasion.

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Murano Glass Earrings

On the island of Murano, northeast of Venice, the secret of glass discoloration was first revealed in the 15th century, and clear, clear glass was made in Europe. Glass beads from Venice are the most famous and sought-after pearls in the world became a highly valued commodity and even a popular currency in exchange of gold and ivory. Murano glass is now considered a coveted collector's item. If you're looking for unique, vibrant colors, then you've come to the right place. All of our Murano glass earrings are decorated with filigree and colorful patterns. Most flowers in a variety of shapes and sizes. The earrings are guaranteed to fit with sporty, summery outfits, and enhance even boring everyday outfits, since the small artworks already spread a good mood when you look at them. Due to the shiny glass, the earrings also look elegant and also work well to monochrome evening dress, possibly with matching Murano glass necklace or arm jewelry. If you prefer something simpler jewelry, you should browse our silver jewelry department. Otherwise, you have now the proverbial choice of choice, but guaranteed to find your very own new favorite piece of jewelry with one of the Murano glass earrings.