Organic piercing

Organic piercing jewelery is currently in the lead of the trend. Whether spirals, pin earrings, expander, (fake) piercings or plugs and tunnels, they are all real eye-catchers and thanks to the different materials such as wood, bronze, brass, silver, bone and horn and the diverse color, shape and design Variants has something for everyone. Almost all are made of organic materials and are therefore very comfortable to wear because they provide a consistent temperature and a firm grip, this is especially true for an organic piercing made of wood, horn or bone. However, our Organic Piercing range does not require dilated ear holes, these are only necessary for plugs, tunnels, expander and spikes, but we also offer most forms like plugs, spikes and expanders as fake variants. Fake Piercing, which means they can be worn like a stud earrings with a hanger, this fits through a normal ear hole. However, they are designed to give you the illusion of wearing it, it is a true piercing. Our plug-and-socket devices are safe and stable, no matter whether they have a plug-in closure or a screw cap. The most comfortable is certainly the latest version: the plug closure with silicone inner lining, this guarantees a secure fit and is very durable.
Organic Hoops & Pin Earrings

Organic Hoops & Pin Earrings are very special earrings made...

Belly piercing

Navel piercing variants are available in different styles, be it...

Organic plugs and tunnels

Organic plugs and tunnels are made of natural materials such as...

Organic Fake Piercings

Organic fake piercings are a great way to wear expanders and...

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Organic Piercing Jewelry

We also offer a mini expander collection, these small spirals and piercings are so thin and filigree that they also fit through normal pierced ears. There are also the Pin Creolen earrings, which are also designed for normal ear holes. Their designs range from girlishly playful and brightly painted, to simple to tribal style. Even more diverse are our plugs, tunnels, spirals and expanders, these offer depending on the variant ear hole sizes from 2 mm to 50 mm. This organic piercing range is particularly large, there are natural models with great wood grain, plain monochrome models, special shapes such as drops, hearts or a coffin, as well as hand-painted models with a variety of designs. The silver and brass plugs and tunnels include the Afghan Style, as well as the popular motifs of the Flower of Life, the Cirles of Life and the Tree of Life. As you can see, one category has something for everyone, organic piercing.