Pearls & cotton rings and earrings

Pearls & Cotton Rings and earrings are very special pieces of jewelery, which differ above all by their dark color from silver jewelery or gilded pieces of jewelery. The earrings and rings in our shop combine the black cotton with beads of coral, jade, turquoise, stones and cultured pearls. All pearls & cotton rings and earrings are of high quality and very skin-friendly. In our shop you will find different sizes, designs, shapes, patterns and colors.

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Cotton earrings and rings with pearls

The fine rings are tightly wrapped with a thin black cotton thread, which gives them their unique color. Cotton has been used since the 17th century. Primarily, cotton is used for clothing production. The high-quality material is also ideal for jewelery production and ornamentation. Many of the cotton earrings have a hoop shape and are combined with colorful beads and stones. Through the dark cotton, the bright colors are particularly good effect. The strong red of the coral splinters and bright turquoise makes you want to sun and beach and also goes well with the light summer dress. It is even more colorful with the rings on which different colored stones are arranged in a flower shape. The pearl & cotton rings and earrings can also be very noble by combining the black cotton thread with white pearls or jade stones act. So you can wear this jewelry on festive occasions, for example, as an alternative to other fashion jewelry earrings. But something very special is guaranteed by our pearl & cotton rings and earrings.