Pearl earrings made of freshwater pearls are something unique. With us you get exclusive pearl ear studs with 925 sterling silver pins in a simple but elegant design. We offer you the white, classic cultured pearls in different sizes. Since these are natural products, each pearl ear stud is unique and individual in its shape. But even synthetic pearls look noble, are also processed high quality and have the advantage that they are available in unusual shades. Be enchanted by this category in shimmering pastel colors.

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Pearl Jewelry

Freshwater pearls are very popular for their variety in shape, color and size. There are sizes from 2 to 8 mm, but the average is 4 to 5 mm. Freshwater cultured pearls with a size of more than 10 mm are considered absolutely rare. Since the 13th century, these pearls are bred. For breeding a mussel can be equipped with 20 to 60 tissue pieces. After about one and a half years, the pearl is about 3 mm big. After three years, 7 mm can already be achieved. Freshwater pearls will only be larger than 7 mm when serviced for longer than four years. The following colors may appear: white, cream, champagne, orange-pink, purple, light purple, dark brown and brown. The shapes range from oval, ovate, button-like, drop-shaped to potato-shaped. Absolutely rare are perfectly round, large pearls. To the pearl ear plugs you will find more jewelry in our online shop with which the stud earrings can be perfectly combined. For example, take a look at the silver rings category, where you will find rings that are also beaded, or our organic jewelry. Do you want a piece of jewelry that is classically egelant and playful, then buy a pearl ear plug.