Piercing and earrings accessories and closures

Piercing and ear jewelry accessories and fasteners are very useful, but difficult to get individually. In this category you will find useful hardware such as screws, balls, wood and horn pins and more. Accessories like this are part of the fake piercing jewelry and the pin-hoops and yet it is lost quickly. So that you can continue to wear your piercings, we offer here the opportunity to buy spare parts very cheap. Because how bad it would be if you could not wear the high-quality, hand-carved piercing, just because you lost the piercing and ear jewelry accessories and closures, so a screw or ball.

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Closures for Earrings and Studs and Piercing Spare Parts

If you can buy it then, but these piercing and ear jewelry accessories and closures are almost as expensive as a new piercing, then this purchase is not worth it and you buy the same a new piercing piece of jewelry. So that this does not happen to you, our piercing and ear jewelry accessories and closures are inexpensive and offer not only a ball or screw, but about 5 pieces and not just a pin, but equal to a pack of 6. So nothing can go wrong in the future and you are well supplied with accessories. Also for ear studs we offer the small butterfly clasps, because these are easily lost. With us you get these in sterling silver or stainless steel. If you are afraid of losing your earrings or earrings, or just want a firmer grip, you can secure them with our transparent rubber ear stoppers. These closures for earrings are soft and comfortable to wear and very unobtrusive due to the transparent material. Also, you can buy these discreet, comfortable ear stoppers, if you want softer ear plug closures that still hold securely. Because this is also possible. So you see how useful this category is, the piercing and earrings accessories and closures.