Piercing jewelry

Piercing jewelry is becoming increasingly popular. Whether as a plug, flesh tunnel, expander, spirals or spikes, the selection is huge and this trend is catching on with more and more fashion-conscious people. At chic-net you can discover it in all its variations, we offer a very wide range of shapes, colors, sizes and materials. Whether you prefer organic jewelry made of wood, bone or horn, or prefer to use acrylic, stainless steel and rubber, you will find it here. It does not have to be a 5 cm plug immediately, but of course we also offer these sizes for lovers. At the same time, we are as diverse as our fans, so in the piercing jewelry section you will also find a whole collection of mini expanders that even fit unlined ear-holes. Equally sought after are the so-called fake piercings, ear studs that really look like a piercing when worn.

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Piercing jewelery for every ear hole size

Playful yet cool are our pin-hoop earrings, also these are easily wearable with normal ear holes. Anyone who likes piercing jewelry, but would like to start small, will find plugs, tunnels and expanders as low as 2 mm. But not only the sizes, the designs are diverse, so there are in the Organic Piercing jewelry area diverse, different colored and grained woods, also many are handpainted. In the acrylic area colorful patterns and the popular animal design are possible. Very popular are the current brass plugs and brass tunnels. Our bronze expanders complete this antique golden assortment. Although our focus is on earrings, but we have not forgotten the belly: a lot of choices offer our navel piercings in Organic, as well as in the acrylic sector. If you are looking for navel banana piercings with a shell, you will also find silverware in the range of shivaeye. And if you like it exotic and oriental, you should definitely take a look at our septum piercing assortment in the section Brass Jewelery under Brass Brass Tribal Jewelery. The golden septums are also available as fake piercing jewelry.