Rings of copper

Copper rings are very skin-friendly and made of gold-looking copper wire. The rings carry both edged, as well as faceted or smooth polished stones in various sizes. Because all gemstones are natural products, each ring looks a bit different and is a real one of a kind. The rings are also made by hand.

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Rings with gemstones

Copper rings were made by humans about 10,000 years ago, worn as an ornament and used as a therapeutic. Since antiquity, cultures around the world have believed in a beneficial effect of the metal on the immune system when worn on the skin. Since the rings are made of a thin copper wire and copper is an easy-to-process material for jewelry manufacturers, very fine and filigree-looking rings and holders for the stones are possible. The rings of copper together with the edged or smooth polished gemstones in a variety of colors, are a wonderful way to give that outfit a certain something. However, if you prefer a slightly more playful design, there is a copper ring for you with a flower shape made of mother-of-pearl and glass beads in the middle. The eye-catching rings can also be excellently combined with a fine-looking, fine chain of gold-plated copper. If you are looking for more simple rings, you will certainly find silver rings in our section. But if you are looking for something very special, maybe for a loved one, then you can be sure that you will find something truly unique here: rings made of copper.