Rings of glass

Glass rings are all very skin-friendly and a large part of the rings is also individually adjustable in size. Our glass ring category includes various ring models made of glass, some are also made of resin resin. The motifs of the glass rings look plastic and three-dimensional through the glass envelope, and some of the rings also glitter. In addition to patterns and circles, flowers and trees are also shown. Various forms such as diamonds, circles and heart rings can be found here.

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Glass Rings

The first clear glass was made in Venice in the 15th century. The resulting glass beads became the most famous and sought-after pearls in the world and quickly spread across the whole of Europe as a commodity. Rings made of glass still represent special pieces of jewelery today. Their very colorful and plastic motifs make them more playful than, for example, silver rings or rings with other monochrome stones. Nevertheless, the smooth shape and the glossy and sometimes glittering nature of the rings made of glass make this look particularly high-quality and noble processed. Since many of the rings are handmade, you can also be sure that you are buying a unique piece of jewelry that is guaranteed to stand out and loosen up boring or strict outfits. The ring on which the glass is attached is made of stainless steel and forms with its silver color a nice combination to the colorful glass stone. If you are looking for an accessory as a real eye-catcher, you're guaranteed not to go wrong with one of the glass rings.