Rings with stones and pearls

Rings with stones & pearls are made of silver-plated metal, which is very skin-friendly. The size of the stone and pearl rings is individually adjustable. On the silvered rings are each colorful fantasy patterns or flowers to see. These are composed of different types of stone and a bead assortment. Different colors and shapes are used and give the rings their unique look.

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Stone rings and pearl rings

For the small works of art that are created on the metal rings are used a variety of gems, such as Aventurine, Amethyst, Carnelian or Jade. These shiny, sculpted stones make the ring look classy yet playful. The flower shapes of the rings with stones and pearls are suitable as a summer accessory. Also, they fit perfectly with the costume, for example, a Dirdl, which is often associated with floral patterns. Find a timeless, classic style more appealing, offering a silvered ring with pearls in safte colors like rose, peach or even white an alternative. This can also be combined well with simple chains with a pendant in the same colors. However, rings with stones and pearls are also combined with bright turquoise stones or mixed stone types as a flower. These upgrade every outrageous outfit and are a guaranteed eye-catcher. Here you are guaranteed to find a unique new favorite piece of jewelery with one of the rings with stones and pearls!