Septum and fake nose rings

Septum and fake nose rings are currently very popular among piercing jewelry. Whether oriental and exotic, simple and discreet, with playful or skull motifs or with colorful, genuine stones, we offer all variations. Septum and fake nose rings fill very large categories, especially from brass or brass. This is either antique golden or shiny silver, so there is something for everyone. We also want to make the septum and fake nose rings accessible to any piercing fan, whether with a pierced nostril or without. If you are pierced, you will find the nose rings in different thicknesses, such as 1 mm, 2 mm or 1.6 mm.
Silver nose rings and fake septums

Silver nose rings and fake septa from our chic-net online store...

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Septum jewelery and its fake variants

Anyone who admires the septum jewelery, but no hole in his nose For whatever reason we would like to have the Fake variant: our Fake Septum Nose Rings. These ends on both sides of the gap with small balls, so that you can bend them and fix them in the nose by bending again. This also holds without you, that leads you through a piercing hole. The right nose piercings are also bent up so that they are easier to get through the hole in the nose. These show an opening in the ring, but without the rounded ends. It is important when bending the nose rings above all that they do not pull apart, but instead presses one end forward and the other back. This ensures that they do not break. No matter whether you prefer nose rings in gold or silver, in big or small, thick or thin, you will find it here. For a huge selection visit our category Septum and Fake Nose Rings.