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Shell ear studs are individual nature jewelery treasures and show fascinating colors and patterns, which come out in this category perfectly. Shells are from the category of mollusks. The typical feature is the housing which consists of two calcareous shells. In addition, the head is relatively reduced. They are found all over the world in fresh, salt and brackish water. While some do not have to dive deep or find the shells right on the beach, others can also hide in shallows of up to 11,000 meters of water. When the animal then grows, the housing is spirally widened towards the outside. In this way, according to an innate construction plan, beautiful little houses are created, from which one can determine the animal species and which is very important for us: you can make beautiful and unique jewelery. We humans use shells not only as food but also for jewelry production. In our online shop you will find a colorful variety of shell stud earrings. Even selected and handcrafted coral jewelry occupies a special place with us. But also by abalone mother of pearl shimmering or in silver eared earrings can be found here.

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Shell Jewelry

Dive into a shimmering underwater world and get yourself a unique piece of jewelry. Our organic jewelry and thus also the shell ear studs are processed high quality, whether as stud earrings with snail shell, mother of pearl ear studs or colored shell ear studs, all earrings are provided with a 925 sterling silver pin. The silver stud earrings made of colored mother-of-pearl extend the natural variety of colors many times over. Choose from various shapes such as round, square or oval, sizes, materials and colors your shell earrings.