Shells and gems

Shells and gemstones are ideal for beautiful pieces of jewelry. Centuries ago, our ancestors made jewelry from shells and stones - this tradition has lasted over the centuries. Due to the many different types of shell and stone in connection with silver, more and more new jewelry designs come about. Here in our online shop, we offer a large selection of different, innovative, high-quality pieces of jewelery on shell and gemstone jewelry. Our shells and gemstones assortment includes rings, earrings and silver pendants, while the Spidermuschel artworks are particularly well-patterned. In addition to the Spidermuscheln, which are made of resin and shell pieces, we offer the range of mother of pearl shell, which includes the Paua abalone shell, as well as nautilus and snail shell jewelry, as well as gem silver jewelry. The gemstone jewelry is divided into many subcategories, the most popular and common gemstones have their own categories, others are found in the gems again, there are also real exotics.
Nautilus and snail shell

Nautilus and snail shell jewelry is not commonplace, we offer you...

Spider conch

Spidermuschel is a Balinese artwork. The spider shell is made of...

Gemstone silver jewelry

Gemstone silver jewelry includes many variations, as there is...


Whether with Howlite Stone, Agate, Moonstone, Lapis, Tiger Eye, Turquoise, Amethyst, Lava Stone, Onyx or other treasures, with this silver jewelry you upgrade every outfit. Shells and gems are transformed by us with 925 sterling silver into unique treasures. Many are designed exclusively for us and are available in small editions, so that you really treat yourself with something special with our shells and gemstone jewelry. In addition, this jewelry is extremely durable, silver remains beautiful, it may need a little polishing to get the shine. These extravagant pieces of jewelery can be combined as well with a ball gown as with jeans or a costume. If you are looking for a real eye-catcher, but also high-quality and timeless, the chooses jewelry with shells and gems.