Shiva Eye Earrings

Shiva eye earrings are a real highlight among the natural jewelry variants. Shivamuschel jewelry is jewelry that is made from parts of the rotary screw. The piece that is made into jewelry is actually not the snail or the shell itself but is the door that is used by the shivaschnecke to close its entrance. The operculum, this clasp of the shell, is also called the eye of the god Shiva in India and Thailand, because the spiral on the operculum, on this shell, resembles some of the images of the legendary third eye of the god Shiva. This "third eye of the god Shiva" can be folded by the shell for defense. Thus, the operculum closes the shell / snail and provides protection. These protective doors of the shell or actually they are snails, the "third eye of the god Shiva" is found in very large numbers, since it peels off after the death of the snails and is washed away.

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Jewelry with Shiva eye

The design of the Shivamuschel resembles a spiral. Whether round, square, karoförmig, oval, heart-shaped or drop-shaped Shiva eye ear plugs, all are high quality with a sterling silver 925 pin processed and nickel-free and therefore skin-friendly. Also special is the synthetic resin border, which you will find here in different colors or the chic Zopfmusterfassung the Shiva eyes ear plug for a set silver ear plug. Even with colorful mother-of-pearl or paua abalone as a frame, you can buy earrings from the Shiva eye here. The earrings can be perfectly combined with other products of our Chic-net online shop, for example, with necklaces or rings that are equipped with a Sivaaugemuschel. If you are looking for an individual and special piece of jewelry then look in the category Shiva eye earrings.