Silicone chains

Silicone necklaces are catching up with the current trend and are an excellent match for our silicone ear plugs, silicone earrings and silicone bracelets, with which they can be wonderfully combined into jewelery sets. The silicone chains consist of an adjustable cotton chain in black and a round pendant made of many small silicone droplets or small silicone spikes that protrude upwards. The back is completely black, the front is three-colored, with the colors arranged in the form of a spiral snail. The silicone chains are all made of three different neon colors. The black cotton chain on which the silicone pendant is attached allows full attention to the colorful pendants. In addition, the cotton chains are flexible and widely adjustable so you can either wear them tight around your neck, or can adjust as a long chain. Another advantage of our silicone chains is that it can be worn by women and by men. The unisex chains are therefore also a perfect accessory for men who want to be in the trend.

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Silicone necklaces

The material silicone is a great tool for jewelery and is especially known for its comfortable fit and is therefore also very popular today. The eye-catching Desgin as well as the eye-catching colors are very popular not only at techno festivals but also in everyday life. Due to the subtle size and a clever combination of the jewelry parts, the silicone chains are suitable for every occasion. So if you want to try something new and do not want to wear what everyone is wearing around their necks, then this is the place for you with the silicone chains.