Silver ear stud with motif

Silver ear studs in different designs are the classic and therefore always popular. Our silver ear plugs of this category are all made of 925 sterling silver and are nickel free and thus skin-friendly. 925 silver is alloyed with 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals, mainly copper is used. The sterling silver 925/1000 is referred to as the sterling silver because earlier English silver pennies (sterlings) were so alloyed. Sterling silver is used today for silver jewelry, coins, medals, trophies, stamps, cutlery, flutes and paint finishes of alloy wheels. It is harder compared to pure silver. The color is a little reddish compared to pure silver. The sterling silver is the alloy most commonly used today in modern silverware (cutlery), coins and jewelery. The advantage of 925 silver over pure silver is the higher resistance, compared to 800 or 835 silver, in turn, it runs much less.

Silver jewelery with motifs

The silver ear studs nestle to the ear and are very comfortable to wear, you can hardly feel them by the discreet size. As far as the design is concerned, we offer you an enormous selection, whether natural motifs, animals, flowers, spirals, star signs or punk motifs: you will be amazed at the various possibilities. You can also find symbols such as the familiar tree of life or the Buddha as a silver ear plug. The stud earrings are also suitable to combine with other pieces of jewelry. Due to their discreet but detailed love processing you can match any other jewelry we offer such as silver rings, or even wooden jewelry such as rings or necklaces or bracelets. What they all have in common is that they work with great attention to detail and high quality: our silver ear studs!