Silver earrings with shivaeye

Silver earrings with shivaeye are high quality and skin-friendly made of 925 sterling silver and just in terms of earrings we offer a huge selection. Whether combined with synthetic resin or cable pattern, with mother-of-pearl or paua abalone shell, or open back, these designer pieces are unique. There are also different sizes and shapes: drop-shaped, butterfly-shaped, moon-shaped, starfish-shaped and differently shaped Shiva earrings. Although it is a natural product acts Shivaauge in combination with 925 sterling silver noble and elegant. So you can wear this jewelry both in everyday life and on solemn occasions and always make a good figure.

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The category silver earrings with shivaeye rather offers the elegant pieces of jewelry, although of course there are also several hippie motifs here. If you are more into alternative and organic, you will find the shivaeye in the wood plugs, in the organic navel piercings or as silver earrings with shivaeye under wooden jewelery also in combination with coconut wood, as well as in wood or silver combined with the shiva eye ear plugs. For those who like to combine their silver earrings with shivaeye, the Shivaauge (Shivaeye) category includes matching pendants as well as rings, bracelets, necklaces and navel piercings with 925 sterling silver. The motifs of the Shiva earrings are very diverse, even earrings and ear studs in flower shape, combined with colorful enamel can be found in this category. A jewelry set with shivaeye is found under sterling silver in the silver jewelry sets, it shows a pendant and a ring as a gecko. Of course, you can also put together other motifs as a set. If you are still looking for a special gift idea that always goes down well, how about a pair of silver earrings with Shiva eye?