Spider conch

Spidermuschel is a Balinese artwork. The spider shell is made of a thin layer of shell, on which all around beautiful worm shell pieces are placed and then filled with synthetic resin. This results in a unique pattern in a variety of colors. The finished piece of jewelry is polished and provided with a hanger or hanger made of 925 sterling silver. Spidermuschel jewelery pieces are therefore real handcrafted and beautiful unique items, with which you will definitely notice. Spider-shell jewelery combines, so to speak, the most beautiful of the sea in itself, since it is made up of a variety of shells. So you can choose the most beautiful pieces and reassemble the parts, arrange them to special patterns and achieve beautiful color effects through colored resin. Especially red, black, blue and white are very popular as background color. In addition to mussel splinters of snails and other shells are also used white iridescent mother of pearl, colorful iridescent Paua abalone shell, red coral or the protective door of the centrifugal snail, the Shivaauge. The variants range from discreet and elegant to loud, eye-catching and colorful.
Spidermuschel pendant

Spidermuschel pendants are unique works of art from Bali. These...

Spidermuschel earrings

Spidermuschel earrings are works of art in themselves. A...

Often there are the same designs in the Spidermuschel ear hangers and pendants, so that there are matching jewelry sets. The Spidermuschel jewelry is combined with 925 sterling silver, this ensures longevity, good compatibility and the ability to wear the jewelry not only in everyday life and leisure, but also in the office or at festive events. Spider Shell Jewelry allows for a huge variety of sizes, shapes, patterns, designs, and color combinations, making it very popular with women. Because with the different styles every woman will find something. If you are still looking for an extraordinary gift for a lady, then earrings and a pendant would be particularly suitable, especially from Spidermuschel.