Stainless steel tunnels and plugs

Stainless steel tunnels and plugs are stable and look classy. Stainless steel is also called surgical steel because it is so well tolerated by the skin that it is also used in surgery. A metal tunnel looks quite different from the flair of an organic tunnel, we also offer different colored versions and the trim with rhinestones as variants. If you love the cool, shiny and smooth material and the metallic look, then these stainless steel tunnels and stainless steel plugs are just right for you. Of course, you will find them in various sizes with us.

Plugs and Surgical Steel Plugs

The metal look of the stainless steel tunnels and plugs is shiny and cool and goes well with almost all outfits. The tunnels or plugs are also extremely resilient, so if they accidentally fall to the ground, so they remain intact in contrast to wood or horn. Whether you choose the subtle and simple version in black, or the glittering, eye-catching alternative with faceted glass crystal stones, it's up to you. Even with the plugs we offer different, colorful motifs in different styles. Also for allergy sufferers, the skin-friendly 316L Surgical Steel is a good choice. Our stainless steel tunnels and plugs are unisex usable, even the sparkling tunnels are wearable by men and women. To simplify insertion, the stainless steel tunnels and plugs have a screw thread that allows you to unscrew the back. So you offer a high wearing comfort and are also pleasantly cool. Thus, they are great as a first use after stretching the ear hole. Stretching rods and expander to get the ear hole to the desired size, you will also find us. If you prefer to wear natural materials, we also offer organic plugs, tunnels, spirals and expanders made of horn, wood, bone or other metals such as bronze, brass and silver. All this can be found in Organic Piercing. For the discreet, elegant metallic look, you will find your size in the stainless steel tunnels and plugs.