Stone Ear Plug>

Stone Ear Studs are also in the category of Organic Jewelery. The stone ear studs are embellished with all that is found in nature, be it turquoise, opal, ruby, tiger eye, sandstone, onyx, moonstone, amethyst, carnelian, garnet, jade, cat's eye, jasper or lava rock studs and others. Each gemstone has its own story that comes from stories. You can find gemstones of different varieties in our shop. When looking for a stone, it may be that they intuitively choose the gemstone their body is subconsciously demanding. From stories we know the image of shaman and the nature healer, which are hung with chains full of different pearls, precious stones and many small crystals. So they reproduce the forces of nature and they can use them for their own purposes. Benefit from this valuable knowledge and use the power of stones for your well-being.

Silver jewelery with gemstones

The different gemstone ear studs are not only suitable for different outfits, but also for every imaginable mood. Minerals processed into bracelets. For this, the minerals are cut into individual gemstone beads and drilled, then usually raised on 925 sterling silver. Whether in silver framed stone ear studs, ear studs with a small glittering stone as a highlight or which with 925 sterling silver pin, they are all high quality processed and skin-friendly. Some of the stone ear plugs are left in their traditional individual and unique shape and are not additionally framed in sterling silver. Here you get stone ear plugs in a huge variety of shapes, colors, sizes and gemstones. The stones are available in a wide variety of colors. Suitable for every occasion are our stone ear plugs.